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Dueling Headlines: Martha Coakley Edition

Reporter falls, clashes with aide while trying to question Democrat seeking Kennedy’s old seat
    – The LA Times

Reporter takes stumble chasing Mass. candidate
    – The Boston Globe

Weekly Standard Reporter Attacked Outside Democratic Fundraiser
    – Fox News

That Fox News story links to a video titled “Coakley Thug Roughs Up Reporter.”

Heh.  Judging from that video, “attacked” and “roughs up” seem about as accurate as Mark McGwire’s home run estimates.  The video doesn’t really even show how the reporter went down. It does show him being helped up, then trying to avoid an aide asking (rightly or wrongly) for his credentials.

Is Fox News losing its fastball a little?  Normally they don’t pick spots where their claims are quite so easily disproved.

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