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Facially-Challenged Hero Caesar Rodney is 280!

Happy 280th birthday to one of Who2’s favorite American heroes: Hard-riding Caesar Rodney.

In July of 1776, with the Continental Congress wavering on the vote for freedom from Britain, Rodney made a heroic 80-mile horseback dash to Philadelphia to cast Delaware’s vote and help win the day for independence.

Rodney suffered from a rather hideous facial cancer, which he concealed behind a silk scarf or screen. (See our loop Facially Challenged for details.) Plus he had asthma, making his fortitude all the more impressive.

Rodney’s feat put him on the very first of the state quarters released by the US Mint in 1999. (This choice was specially approved by Who2 last year.)

Rodney was made a general in the Delaware militia and then passed away in 1784 — the cancer got him at the last. But what a stud.

Bonus factoid: He was born 20 days before world explorer Captain Cook.

Happy birthday, General, wherever you are!

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