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Given Current Technology, Could Someone Become Batman?

Probably not, say Quora commenters:

“If you joined the military and became something like a Delta Force commando of the highest quality, while studying nights to get a double-major in criminal justice and psychology, with a minor in chemistry, you might also have time to take weekend courses in detective work and get a P.I. license. Then, after probably 10 years to reach all of those levels combined, you might be 28 (if you started right out of high school) and would then need to maintain your physical level while getting a job as a police officer in order to learn real crime solving…

Let’s say you are so good it only takes you perhaps three years to become a top detective and expert in these regards — now you are 31, and just finished the most basic level of preparation you need to be an expert in just some of the
most obvious fields required to match Batman.”


Turns out that Scientific American got into the practical aspects a few years ago:

“[Consider] the movies where Batman is fighting multiple
opponents and all of a sudden he’s taking on 10 people. If you just
estimate how fast somebody could punch and kick, and how many times you could hit one person in a second, you wind up with numbers like five or six. This doesn’t mean you could fight four or five people. But it’s also hard for four or five people to simultaneously attack somebody, because they get in each other’s way.”

SA thinks Batman would have to retire at 50, 55 tops.  If concussions didn’t take him down earlier.

(Hat tip: James Altucher/WSJ. Photo: WENN)

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