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Gopher, Isaac, Ethel, Etc.

We were in Miami or St. Thomas, hanging out on one of the aft decks at a bar, waiting to shoot. This guy came up — turns out he was some mid-level executive at Princess Cruises. He said, “I had to come over here and talk to you two guys because — how do I say this? — you guys have made me so rich! I can’t believe it! This show is such a hit! We’re all making so much money! My God!” He just went into this paroxysm of euphoria about how successful he was. Then he calmed down and said, “Sorry, sorry. Do you want a Pina Colada or anything? My treat, obviously.”

OK, OK, yes, it’s an oral history of The Love Boat, yes. Still, many laughs for those who saw the show. And a photo of Ethel Merman in a sombrero. And Charo saying, “Cuchi-cuchi showed me the way to the bank.”

You can skip everything after page 3, when it turns all Behind the Music.

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