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Guy Trundle Mania

Guy Trundle, Guy Trundle, Guy Trundle!

Seductive king-buster Wallis Simpson died 22 years ago today. The anniversary is just a convenient excuse to shout “Guy Trundle” — the most deliciously seedy name in the history of romantic scandals.

Trundle was a car salesman (another deft touch) who was the “third man” in Simpson’s love life. He was “having it off” with Simpson while she was still married to her husband, Ernest Simpson, and while she was also busy making time with the future King Edward VIII.

Trundle, meanwhile, was also having it off with tennis siren Eileen Bennett, “the Anna Kournikova of her day” according to The Times. Trundle was married, too, though it looks like not much attention was paid to such things in England’s roaring ’30s.

Trundle died in 1958. His name came to light only in 2003, after the government released old documents from the police, who were keeping a suspicious eye on Simpson.

Notes The Guardian: “The 36-year-old Trundle, the report said, was a charming adventurer, good looking, ‘well bred’ and an excellent dancer. ‘Trundle is a motor engineer and a salesman and is said to be employed by the Ford Motor Company… He is said to boast that every woman falls for him.'”

Guy Trundle! Somebody make a movie about this guy.

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