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Happy Anniversary, Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy!

It was on this day back in 1998 that Hillary Rodham Clinton, at the time the First Lady of the United States, defended her husband on NBC’s Today show and used the term “vast right-wing conspiracy” to explain why we were hearing all about Monica Lewinsky.

She was mocked for it. It turns out she was correct in her assertion. Sort of. It was true that Richard Mellon Scaife and various conservative foundations were spending lots of money to track down dirt on Bill Clinton.

But then, when it came to Monica Lewinsky, there really was dirt on President Clinton.

So everybody was right, as it turns out, which is fun.

Here’s a Washington Post piece that came out the day after her interview, if you feel the need to get nostalgic about the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

And here’s the interview with Matt Lauer — but you’ll need to download Bing’s video player to see it. The “VRWC” remarks come at about the eleven (!) minute mark.

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