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How Tall is Tom Cruise Really?

“At this premier Katie is wearing 2/2.5 heels. So if she is 5’9 as listed puts her over 5’11. Tom standing at 5’9.5 or a tad under. I think these shoes are giving him at most 2 inches, more likely 1.5, consistent with 5’8 and the barefoot pic with Katie.”

That’s courtesy of, where footwear and photo angles are dissected with Zapruder-style intensity.

(Their final judgment on Cruise: 5 ft. 7.75 inches.)

John Malkovich?

“Stood beside him at the Eurostar terminal at London Waterloo when he was buying a coffee. I am 176cm and he seemed 2 inches taller than me, max. I would say a shade under 6ft. I was surprised because I thought he was taller. If you watch Dangerous Liasons, he stands a little taller than Uma Thurman, so I don’t think he quite makes 6ft.”

Not just today’s stars, either:

“Poor old Bob Hope shrunk down like no other celeb I know. Take a look at the 1987 TV movie A Masterpiece of Murder and tell me he isn’t at least four inches shorter than co-star Don Ameche.

You’ll also find speculation on Schwarzenegger, Da Brat, and, uh, Ornette Coleman.

Plus! Technical analyses of elevator shoes and heel heights.

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