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Is Al Gore a “Crazy Sex Poodle”?

The National Enquirer reported this week that a 54 year-old massage therapist says former Vice President Al Gore made unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances on her in a Portland, Oregon hotel back in 2006.

Today’s issue of The Oregonian reports details of the incident, taken from police records and from a statement the woman made to investigators in 2009.

The unnamed woman says she was hired by Gore, who was staying at the hotel as “Mr. Stone,” to give him a $540 massage, and that during the massage Gore became aggressive and demanding. The news account says the woman called Gore a “crazy sex poodle,” and that she briefly distracted him by pointing out a box of chocolates nearby.

She also claims Gore, who she described as “rotund,” got on top of her. She told him, “get off me you big lummox.”

She reported the incident at the time, but police and prosecutors found little evidence to back up her claims and the matter was dropped. For some reason, she came forward again in 2009 and gave a more detailed account.

Portland’s KGW television also has the story.

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