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‘Jonah Hex’: Not Short Enough

Director Jimmy Hayward brought his new movie Jonah Hex in at a brisk 81 minutes.  How’s it playing with the critics?

“‘Jonah Hex’ may not be the longest 81 minutes you ever spend, but it
might well be the most tedious.”   (Washington Post)

“Somehow, Hayward makes 82 minutes feel like hours.”  (NY Daily News)

“[The writers] have found a way to
turn biblical references into bad dialogue at head-turning speed while
making 83 minutes feel like a lifetime.”  (LA Times)

“It’s unclear how long this movie was meant to be. But at 81 minutes,
it’s charred, bullet-riddled mulch.”  (Boston Globe)

“Feels days longer than its scant 80-minute running time.”  (Detroit Free Press)

“The arty padding… suggests a desperate editing-room attempt to make
it all work. They should have just cut another 81 minutes.”  (New Jersey Star Ledger)

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