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Just a Nice Photo: Siegfried and Roy

Siegfried and Roy kicked off Oktoberfest last week. Nice to see Roy out and about!

Siegfried and Roy pose with German barmaids at the Hofbrauhaus

Magicians Siegfried and Roy kicked off Oktoberfest at the Hofbrauhaus last week.  

The Hofbrauhaus in Las Vegas, that is.  Still, it’s nice to see Roy Horn out and about.  It’s been eight years since he was mauled by Montecore the tiger during a show at The Mirage in 2003.  Roy nearly bled to death, suffered a stroke and paralysis, and has never been the same. He was admirably kind to Monticore afterwards, insisting the tiger was trying to drag him to safety.  (The USDA didn’t see it that way.)

The Mirage show was shut down right after Roy was mauled. Siegfried and Roy did one last magic act for charity, with Montecore, in 2009.  The dynamic duo retired formally last year — “the dot at the end of the sentence,” as their manager put it.

Sarmoti to you, boys!

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