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“Leonid Hambro, 86, Pianist With an Astounding Memory, Dies”

That’s the title on this fascinating New York Times obituary of someone we’d never heard of before. You can read the full obituary here. (Registration is required, but it’s free. The obit remains free only for seven days, though.)

“There were giants in the earth in those days,” as the old saying goes. Not so long ago, there was a little more room to be a respected veteran expert without expectation of becoming world-famous, or at least without following a strict formula to the big money. Not so long ago you could also also hold a job as a radio station pianist. (For 17 years!)

Victor Borge is a fellow we’ve been meaning to profile at Who2 for some time. If everyone else will just stop making news for a few days, we’ll work him in.

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