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Levi Johnston Was Born on May 3rd, 1990

In honor of the first anniversary of the 2008 Republican Convention, we’ve profiled Levi Johnston.

He was just an unknown Alaska teen before he was hustled into the spotlight at the convention, courtesy of his role as the father of Sarah Palin‘s unborn grandchild.

Most sources list his birthday as simply 1990. But we located his exact birth date — 3 May 1990 — in Alaska state court records. The state has an admirably thorough online database of its court cases.

Turns out Johnson is on the Alaska court dockets in four separate records. A quick review of the misdemeanors:

The case: 3PA-07-08238MO

The charge: “Attempt To Snag Or Fail To Release Snagged Fish – Freshwater.”

The result: Case closed on 26 July 2007 after Levi made a “No Contest Plea by Mail or at Counter.”

The case: 3PA-07-08239MO

The charge: “Sport Fishing – general seasons, bag, possession, and size limits.”

The result: Same as the case above, no doubt from the same incident. Closed on 26 July 2007 after Levi made a “No Contest Plea by Mail or at Counter.”

The case: 3PA-07-05350MO

The charge: “Speeding (20+ mph over).” This was in Houston, Alaska, about 10 miles west of Wasilla.

The result: Guilty. (“Defendant failed to appear” at the non-jury trial on 12 September 2007.)

The case: 3PA-09-03857MO

The charge: “Proof Of Insurance To Be Carried And Exhibited On Demand.”

The result: “Dismissed — Correctable offense” on 21 April 2009.

In that last case, correctable offense means that “the citation can be dismissed if proof of its correction is provided to a police officer (for equipment violation in non-commercial vehicles); or if the fine is paid through mail, in court, or online (for failure to produce driver license).”

So that’s two fishing and two driving. The kid’s still got a ways to go if he wants to make it to the Senate.

We’re glad to have the birth date settled, in any case.

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