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Malkovich: Drifting Toward Obi-Wan

Yow! John Malkovich seems to be crossing over from middle-aged-guy-playing-older to genuinely-getting-older status.

He’s got a little Sir Alec Guinness going — maybe it’s the folds between the eyebrows.

Well, Malkovich is only 55 — we just checked. He received the “Cinema Honor Prize” at the 23rd Istanbul Film festival this week — though he didn’t exactly wow the locals.

When asked if he had seen any Turkish films or if he had an opinion about Turkish cinema, Malkovich told the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review that he was not much of a filmgoer and did not have an opinion on any kind of cinema, be it Turkish or Chinese. He added that he had once seen a Turkish film in Cairo, but could not remember its name or subject.

More Malkovich photos from Istanbul here.

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