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Mark McGwire Apologized to Roger Maris’s Widow

More details on the Mark McGwire steroids story from USA Today:

Before coming clean publicly, [McGwire] informed his family and made apologetic phone calls to Commissioner Bud Selig, Cardinals manager Tony La Russa and Don Hooton, a Texas man who took up the anti-steroids fight after his son committed suicide after taking steroids.

He also contacted Pat Maris, widow of Roger Maris, whose 61 home runs hit in 1961 was the single-season record until McGwire hit his 62nd homer on Sept. 8, 1998.

“She didn’t want to believe it,” McGwire said of his conversation with Pat Maris. “I told her that I had to be honest. I told her I was so sorry for her, her family and Roger.”

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