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Microsoft Hates the Working Class

Boy, Bill and Jerry — we’re trying to go with the flow here, but we’re just not feeling it.

Ballyhooed Microsoft ad number one had Gates and Seinfeld shopping at Shoe Circus alongside the “clowns” of the mall-going public.

Now ad number two has them eating scalloped potatoes and sharing toothpaste with a working-class family who also seem to be clowns. Very unpleasant clowns at that.

(By the way, isn’t that actually potato salad? Or is that the point?)

The Seattle Times says the boys are “embracing ordinary people,” but hating on ordinary people seems closer to the mark.

Presumably, somehow, later ads will build on this foundation of potatoes and pleather to convince those cheap, slovenly shlubs of the middle class to buy Microsoft products. Good luck, boys!

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