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Obamas Head to Hawaii for Christmas

President Barack Obama is taking his family home for Christmas.

The Obamas will spend 10 days at Paradise Point Estates — in the same house where they vacationed last year after Obama won the presidency.  $4000 a night, and worth it.

Kailua Beach has been ranked the island’s best and was a favorite of Hawaiian royalty. The president has a personal connection to this stretch of sand.

“His grandfather used to take him to Kailua beach because it’s a great swimming beach,” Zimel said. “So President Obama, I think, he probably learned to swim right out here.”

The Paradise Point Estates website has an odd message on its home page: “In the interest of security, this site will remain offline until January 4th, 2010.”  Presumably that’s when the Obama vacation ends.  But why should that affect the website?  “In the interest of security”?

More likely the message is, “This site will remain offline until the crazies stop sending us email.”

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