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Obituary First Lines: George Carlin

Comedian George Carlin has died at age 71. Here’s how some news outlets began their Carlin obits.

“At the end of his rackety and eventful life, George Carlin, the US comedian and hero of the counter-culture, has been best remembered for seven words.”The Independent

“George Carlin, an extraordinary standup comedian whose dark social satire won him multigenerational popularity and a starring role in the most famous broadcast obscenity case of modern times…”The New York Daily News

“Comedian George Carlin, a counter-culture hero famed for his routines about drugs and dirty words…”The Calgary Herald

“When he shucked the coat and tie for black T-shirts and jeans, grew his hair long and began to riff about those ‘Seven Words You Can Never Say on TV,’ George Carlin became more than just the countercultural comedian.”The Associated Press

“George Carlin loved words — the good, the ‘bad,’ the ‘filthy.'”E! Online

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