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Obituary First Lines: Harold Pinter

Playwright Harold Pinter has died after a long battle with throat cancer. Here’s how some papers are summing up his life.

“No one made the sound of silence more ominously theatrical than Harold Pinter.” –The Associated Press

“Harold Pinter, the fiercely political Nobel Prize-winning British playwright who used suspenseful plots, odd halting dialogue, and working-class settings full of menace to create puzzling yet riveting drama…” –The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Harold Pinter, the son of tailor from London’s East End who rose to become one of the nation’s greatest playwrights…” –The Independent

“Playwright Harold Pinter’s dialogue has been compared to everyday prattle that covers a menacing subtext.” –The Los Angeles Times

“You can measure the mark that Harold Pinter has left on British theatre by one word: Pinteresque. Few playwrights get their own adjective.” –The Times of London

The Independent also has a lovely little piece about Pinter’s love of cricket.

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