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Obituary First Lines: Roy Scheider

A smattering of obituary openings for actor Roy Scheider, who has died at age 75:

– “Thanks to Roy Scheider, it was okay for the good people of Amity Island to go back in the water again.” –E! Online

– “Hollywood star Roy Scheider — best known as the cop who battled and blew up the killer great white shark in Jaws…” — The Sun (UK)

– “Roy Scheider, a one-time boxer whose broken nose and pugnacious acting style made him a star in The French Connection and who later uttered one of cinematic history’s most memorable lines in Jaws…” –The Associated Press

– “Roy Scheider, the jagged-nosed actor who brought complexity to tough-guy roles in such films as The French Connection, Jaws and All That Jazz, and was also known for political activism off the set…” –The Los Angeles Times

– “There is a line in All That Jazz where Roy Scheider goes to meet the Angel of Death and the music is playing ‘Bye, bye love/Bye, bye happiness/I think I’m gonna die.'” –Hollywood Today

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