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Obituary First Lines: Steve Fossett

Steve Fossett was declared dead on Friday by Cook County (Illinois) Judge Jeffrey Malak. That allows Fossett’s widow, Peggy, to begin dealing with his estate.

It also allows newspapers to print obituaries they’ve been holding since September. Here’s how Fossett is being described:

– “Steve Fossett, 63, an American millionaire who financed many of his own record-setting adventures over the seas and into the skies…” –The Washington Post

– “Steve Fossett, the wealthy, record-setting adventurer who for years blithely sailed, soared and drove through all manner of danger before disappearing in September during what was meant to be a routine short flight…” –The New York Times

– “Self-made business tycoon Steve Fossett, whose thirst for adrenaline drove him to fly around the world solo in a balloon, climb mountains and aim for speed records…” The Associated Press

– “Steve Fossett was born in 1944 and — after making loads of money in business — started setting world records.” BBC NewsRound

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