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Packy the Elephant is Now 50

A photo of Packy as a baby elephant, fuzzy and being nudged by the trunk of his mother

How cute is your baby? Probably not this cute.

Packy the Elephant turned 50 on April 14th at the Oregon Zoo. We missed praising him then, so let’s admire him on a Monday morning.

Packy is an icon in Portland. He was the first Asian elephant born in North America in 44 years. He weighed in at 225 pounds and began nursing 45 minutes after his birth. (He’s now 12,000+ pounds and 10.5 feet tall.)

A photo of Packy the Elephant standing over a cake with carrots for candles

And Packy always enjoys his cake. (Don’t worry: it’s healthy!)

Other celebs born in 1962, in case you wondered: Tom CruiseRosie O’Donnell, and King Abdullah II of Jordan.

More Packy photos here. Happy birthday, old sport.

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