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Paul Krugman Wins Nobel Prize

Economist Paul Krugman, known for his twice-weekly columns (and blog) for The New York Times, has won the 2008 Nobel Prize for Economics.

The prize comes with the traditional gold medal bearing the face of Alfred Nobel, plus a prize of 10 million Swedish kroner — about 1.4 million US dollars.

Krugman ought to have won a Nobel Prize for multitasking. Besides his work at The Times since 1999, he also has written or edited a few dozen books, hundreds of essays, and still remains on the faculty at Princeton. (“This semester Mr. Krugman is teaching a small graduate-level course on international monetary policy and theory,” reports The Times.) He is regarded as a liberal champion at The Times, a notion reflected in the title of his 2007 book The Conscience of a Liberal.

The Krugman Archive is an eager fan page with archives of his recent work.

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