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Paul Newman: Grace Notes and Memories

The death of Paul Newman has opened up a big box of Newman memories. Here are some highlights.

=> The LA Times has marvelous photos of Newman and his wife Joanne Woodward as a young couple.

=> A Westport, Connecticut obituary, with the focus on his local life.

=> ESPN has the dope on his racing career.

=> A lengthy appreciation by Oregonian film critic Shawn Levy, who has been working on a Newman biography. Levy includes his list of Newman’s 13 best films.

=> The BBC has an all-too-short collection of Newman movie clips. And a nice little remembrance from his Welsh in-laws.

=> A 2004 Times of London interview, with Newman as feisty as ever. (Asked for his own epitaph: “I used to think it would be ‘Here lies Paul Newman, whose career ended when his eyes turned brown.'”)

=> The remarkable history of Newman’s Own, Inc., the “joke that got out of control.”

=> On Butch Cassidy: International movie posters. And the AFI has the original (and slightly tone-deaf) trailer for the film.

=> On video: An early screen test with James Dean

…and Newman’s famous jury summation from another of his great performances, in The Verdict, as beaten-down attorney Frank Galvin:

Thanks for everything, Mr. Newman.

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