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Playbill: Today in Theatre History

Playwright, actor and songwriter Noel Coward was born 110 years ago today. Coward made his debut on Broadway in 1925, appearing in his own play The Vortex. You can learn more at this Playbill feature, Today in Theatre History.

The Noël Coward Society has even more information on Coward and his work, including an archive of video clips. That archive includes a long compilation of Coward’s home movies.

Playbill‘s history lesson is dotted with familiar names, includeing Carol Channing (1948!), Agatha Christie (1954!) and Lucille Ball (1960!).

While you’re at the Playbill site, get a big, fat dose of Broadway with this wacky clip of a musical tribute to Mel Brooks at the Kennedy Center. It has nothing whatsoever to do with this day in history, but it’s a great way to see Martin Short singing his heart out while trying to maintain his balance on a fake horse.

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