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Poker Quote of the Month

“I’ve seen the miracles of God with my own eyes. I did a lot of bluffing, also.”

Professional poker has its latest unknown champion: Jerry Yang, a psychologist from Temecula, California, has won the 2007 World Series of Poker.

Yang began playing poker only two years ago. He’s also a devout Methodist who had already pledged to give 10% of his winnings to charity. (His faith led to the quote listed above.)

Yang is married, has six children, stands 5’3″, and is an immigrant from Laos — a far cry from the rangy, crafty Texans who once dominated the big games. He picked up $8,250,000 for his first-place win. Second place and $4,840,981 went to Tuan Lam. Yang was both good and lucky (or blessed): on the final hand he got a six on the very last card to fill an inside straight, busting Lam’s pair of queens.

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