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Rachel Uchitel Owes Las Vegas $1345

Rachel Uchitel caused a traffic accident last week from 1000 miles away, or so we’re told.

Turns out she had a few of her own traffic issues during her years as a nightclub hostess in Las Vegas — and one of them has gone unpaid to the tune of $1345.

Rachel Uchitel poses outside a car in 2009While hunting through Clark County public records looking for Uchitel’s date of birth, we came across two incidents from her time there:

Case 103659926, from 11/9/2005: FAILURE YLD FROM STOP OR YLD CNTRLD INTERSECT. “Traffic School Requested,” says the record. Uchitel paid a fine of $170.

Case 103833386, from 12/29/2007: EXPIRED LICENSE PLATE and INSURANCE REQUIRED. The name is spelled “Rachel Uchotel” here. She was charged $1345 — a fine of $1320 (!), plus a late fee of $25.

On that latter item, the record reads “Balance Due as of 12/03/2009: 1,345.00.” Citations were issued in 2008, “collection notice 2” was sent on 12/1/2008, a “final collection notice” sent on 1/12/2009, and the late fee added on 1/14/2009.

Perhaps she’s been busy.

The good news is, with the Eighth District Court’s nifty online payment system, anyone can pay Uchitel’s bill with a credit card. Who’d like to pony up?

[ Update: Rachel Uchitel has paid up! ]

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