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Rachel Uchitel PHOTOS Over Time

[2017 note: Sorry, friends, but the photos disappeared from this blog post during a recent switchover to a new content system. We regret the error.]

We’ve been trying to grasp what Rachel Uchitel really looks like.

She’s the nightclub manager whom The National Enquirer claims is the other woman in the Tiger Woods and wife brouhaha. Uchitel has an online photo trail going back to September 2001, when she was photographed in tears with the picture of her fiancee, Adam O’Grady.

Here’s how Rachel Uchitel looked in December of 2010, after the Tiger Woods story broke:

Photo of Rachel Uchitel in sunglasses outside her New York apartmentBut the Rachel Uchitel of today doesn’t look much like the Rachel Uchitel of 2001. Here are some prominent photos we found online:

Uchitel in 2001, from near ground zero after the World Trade Center attack. She’s holding a photo of her fiancee, Adam O’Grady, who was killed in the attack. This photo is from a BBC story, which doesn’t identify the photo source; we believe it’s from The New York Post, which followed up on Uchitel three months later.

Uchitel at her wedding to Steven Ehrenkranz in December of 2004. The shot is by Cary Conover for The New York Times, which did a “Vows” report on the wedding. Uchitel and Ehrenkranz were divorced in 2005, reportedly after only four months of marriage.

Uchitel later in 2005, already looking a lot different in a story from The Las Vegas Review-Journal. The paper described her as the “velvet-rope gatekeeper” for the “powerhouse” nightclub Tao.

Now up to 2008: A photo by Ann Lawlor for an Uchitel profile in Black Book. Uchitel had returned to New York by then. The magazine called her a “VIP Diva” and said she “has run the velvet ropes from Las Vegas to the Hamptons.”

Uchitel in 2009, in a shot published by The National Enquirer as it claimed she was having an affair with Woods. (The Enquirer has now published an even less flattering picture of Urchitel.)

In short, Urchitel seems to have gone from blonde to brunette, from not-very-made-up to very-made-up, and since her days at Tao she seems to have that cosmetic plush lip thing going.

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