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Remembering Marian McPartland

A photo of Marian McPartland in a silver jacket, sitting at a Steinway pianoPhoto: Chang W. Lee / The New York Times

In 1938, over her parents’ strong objections, she left school to go on tour with a four-piano vaudeville act. “My mother said, ‘Oh, you’ll come to no good, you’ll marry a musician and live in an attic,’” she recalled in 1998. “Of course, that did happen.”

Heh. From a wonderful profile of jazz pianist Marian McPartland, who died this week at age 95.

She was one of three women (along with pianist Mary Lou Williams and singer Maxine Sullivan) pictured in Esquire’s famous 1958 group photo of jazz greats in Harlem.

Marian McPartland, Jazz Pianist and NPR Radio Staple, Dies at 95 »

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