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Remembering Raymond Burr

Delightful reminiscence of actor Raymond Burr, sent in by reader Susan Brown-Barbour:

“I met Raymond Burr in 1976 in Landers, California at Gublers’ Orchids. I worked there as a laborer/fill in lead person. He was very much into orchids at this time, and came to check out 2 large greenhouses for possible leasing from the owners.

We (all 10 of us) weren’t supposed to ask him for his autograph. He was a hunk of a man wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and he had the most beautiful charismatic blue eyes and infectious laughter. We were heating up our lunches in the packing shed and the aroma of homemade burritos got his attention. We invited him to share with us, but he had another appointment back down in L.A. that he was running late for.

I was 20 and recently married, and fell for this older man and his gorgeous personality and mannerisms in an instant. First ‘older’ man that caught my attention. It’s never happened again… I regret not writing to him and asking for an autographed photo. But, I have my memory…

Found out later that Mr. Burr had a life partner. It didn’t disillusion me about him at all. I had and will always respect his talents and lifestyle, and his contributions to our world.

Thanks much!”

Burr died in 1993. The Find A Grave site has a snapshot of his simple gravesite, plus a story of how he broke into the movies by slimming down on cottage cheese.

No wonder those homemade burritos smelled good.

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