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Richard Dreyfuss Does the Right Thing

Here’s something you don’t see every day: someone in the political arena admitting that what they said was wrong:

Yes, that’s actor Richard Dreyfuss, openly admitting that he said something that was not right. It shouldn’t be, but it IS refreshing to hear someone involved in politics say, “I was wronger than hell to say that.”

Yes, Dreyfuss is an actor, not a politician. But for the last few decades he’s been known to be politically active, on the leftish side of things.

Frankly, I don’t even really like Richard Dreyfuss all that much, and not simply because there have been so many reports about him being a bit of a prissy jerk on the set (watch those behind-the-scenes shows about Jaws sometime). He simply doesn’t thrill me as an actor. Darn him!

I saw him in person once, stepping out of his trailer during the filming of Mr. Holland’s Opus. He was drinking from a bottle of water. I said, “keep up the good work,” and he nodded. I didn’t exactly mean it, though. In fact, I considered saying, “I loved you in The Graduate,” just because in that movie he’s on screen for about four seconds.

On the other hand, I’ve always given him credit for having such a long career in Hollywood. I figure that doesn’t happen unless you have something going on.

And now I give him even more credit for being able to say “I was wrong,” something you simply don’t hear too often in the world of politics.

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