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Rod Blagojevich Now On Stage

The trial of former Illinois governor Rod “Blago” Blagojevich is proving to be one in a long line of entertaining stories of good ol’ American political corruption. Not because it revolves around a politician trying to enrich himself by way of his elected office, but because it revolves around a politician who is a dramatic ham. Blago loves the attention of the press.

The latest news — and a good place to follow the dramatics is this site from Chicago News Sweep — is that Blago has been admonished by the judge and told to keep his emoting in check. That’s a result of the prosecutor complaining that Blago’s heavy sighs and exaggerated body language during testimony is interfering with the jury’s ability to … well, to not stare at Blago’s hair.

Here are some choice YouTube clips of Governor Blagojevich being Blago:

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