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Roger Ebert Horsewhips Rush Limbaugh

Film reviewer and internet jockey Roger Ebert came out swinging today, in an open letter to Rush Limbaugh that starts with “You should be horse-whipped for the insult you have paid to the highest office of the nation.”

Roger Ebert is upset with Rush Limbaugh because Rush Limbaugh said that money sent to the Red Cross via the White House would be stolen by President Barack Obama.

Rush Limbaugh is a radio host who likes to say outrageous things, with no real reason to say anything true or sensible. He doesn’t like President Obama and says lots of mean things about him.

But Ebert is offended that Limbaugh insulted the office of the presidency by suggesting none of the money sent to the Red Cross by way of the White House web site would find its way to Haiti. This just a couple of days after Limbaugh suggested the U.S. is already giving too much money to Haiti. Don’t worry if that doesn’t make sense.

We’ve heard rumors that Ebert’s rejected choices for that first sentence about horse-whipping include:

“You should be slugged in the stomach for insulting Obama.”

“Someone should step on the top of your foot with really sharp high heels for what you said.”


“My doctor can beat up your doctor.”

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