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Shocker: Healthy Living Expert Actually Lives to Age 97

UCLA School of Public Health

Running guru Jim Fixx died at age 52, and juice diet guru Paavo Airola died at 64. Longevity guru Nathan Pritikin didn’t make 70.

But finally, an expert on healthy living has stepped up to the plate and lived into his 90s. Congratulations to Dr. Lester Breslow, who has just died at age 97.

Dr. Breslow was the dean of UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health, among many other health-related jobs. He’s best known for his seven healthy habits that he believed (and then proved) lead to a longer life:

  • don’t smoke
  • drink in moderation
  • sleep seven to eight hours a night
  • exercise at least moderately
  • eat regular meals
  • maintain a moderate weight
  • eat breakfast

Dr. Breslow was too modest to add the eighth item: “Don’t tempt the gods by publishing best-selling books about how to live a long time.”

Notes the obituary:

Dr. Breslow himself did not smoke or drink. He walked regularly, practiced moderation in all things and enjoyed tending his vegetable garden.

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