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Siegried and Roy and Cindy

Gossipeuse Cindy Adams can be insufferable, but she has a touching report today after flying Austrian Airlines (first class, she points out) with entertainers Siegfried and Roy.

Roy, she says, was in Bavaria for “stem cell rehabilitation at the Leonardis Clinic.” Her wrap-up:

“[Siegfried] told me: ‘There is no more working for us. We will occasionally possibly do a benefit or charity exhibition time to time, but that’s it.’ Speaking softly, Roy added: ‘When show business is done, it’s done.’

On a happier note, the pair’s official site does say they will perform “a brief, one-night only, magical spectacular” at a benefit gala in February of 2009. So maybe they’re not quite done yet.

And currently, at least, the site has an awesome calendar shot of the pair in their pre-glam salad days, looking almost surfer-dude-ish as they pose with the inevitable tiger.

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