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Starbucks Lists Doomed Stores

Not that it has much to do with biography (though we do have a profile of the corporate namesake), but we found it rather fascinating that Starbucks has released a complete list of the 600 stores it plans to close.

We salute their transparency.

It makes surprisingly lively reading. Is Coon Rapids, Minnesota, really big enough to lose three Starbucks stores? (The whole of New York City lost only eight — and that’s tossing in Staten Island.) What does it say about the state of the party economy that Las Vegas is losing sixteen stores? Did they really need Starbucks upstairs and downstairs at the Seminole Mall in Sanford, Florida?

While we’re on the topic, let us point out this excellent blog post from Eric Neu on the origins of the Starbucks name. Yes, he was a guy from Moby-Dick. No, he didn’t like coffee.

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