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Answers, Questions, and the Big Dream

For decades, game shows have been the TikTok of television. Regular old you and I were never going to appear on I Love Lucy or Lost in Space or Breaking …..

Book Review: The Enthusiast

Book review: The Enthusiast By Josh Fruhlinger 312 pages If Jane Austen sat down to write a Philip K. Dick novel, the result might look a little¬†like The Enthusiast, the …..

Donald Rumsfeld’s New Book is Not Exactly Filled With Regrets

“The tedious, self-serving volume is filled with efforts
to blame others… It is a book that
suffers from many of the same flaws that led the administration into
what George Packer of The New Yorker has called “a needlessly deadly”
undertaking — that is, cherry-picked data, unexamined assumptions and an
unwillingness to re-examine past decisions.”

The Ten Greatest Novels of All Time (1948 Edition)

I am holding in my hand (courtesy of Cincinnati’s Mercantile Library) a first edition of Great Novelists and Their Novels, in which author W. Somerset Maugham names his 10 greatest novels of all time.

Book Review: “The Silent Spirit”

“She’s a master.”       -Tony HillermanAnyone writing a Native American mystery has to wrassle with the presence of the genre’s 500-pound gorilla: the late Tony Hillerman. Margaret Coel dispatches the issue with a Hillerman blurb right on the front cover of her new novel, The Silent Spirit. (Could that be Hillerman’s Last Blurb? He died last October.)