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New Profile: Rosemary Kennedy

We’ve noticed a lot of user searches for Rosemary Kennedy this past week, so we’ve created a new biography of her.Rosemary was the “forgotten” Kennedy, who spent years in seclusion at a home for the disabled in Wisconsin after she was the victim of a botched lobotomy in 1941. She died in 2005, and for most of those years inbetween she could apparently speak very little and was more or less incapacitated.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver, 1921-2009

She died this morning at Cape Cod Hospital, near the Kennedy family’s traditional summer compound in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

A Cool Portrait of Eunice Kennedy Shriver

“Rare Halo Display,” this portrait of Eunice Kennedy Shriver by David Lenz, was commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery and unveiled in May of this year.The artist’s son is a Special Olympics participant. Groovy backstory here.