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Re-upping: Barack Obama’s Apartment from Harvard Days

Future president Barack Obama lived in a basement apartment in Somerville, Massachusetts while he attended Harvard Law School — living in a not-so-fancy part of town to save money, as …..

Why Is Ma Named ‘Yo-Yo’?

Suppose you and your spouse are Chinese immigrants in Paris in 1955 and you can’t decide what to name your son.  And you already named one daughter “Yeou.”  Why not double up?

Black History Month Biography: Booker T. Washington

Booker T. Washington and guests, about 1906. Washington is front row, center, with the watch chain. Booker T. Washington is our first featured biography for Black History Month 2011. 

The Harvard Hippies of ’69

Harvard revisits three dropouts from its class of 1969.(Hat tip: Mr. Duffy)