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Jack Chick Has Died and Gone To Heaven (Right?)

Jack Chick finally knows. He knows the secret of the afterlife, having died yesterday at age 92. Today he’s seated in heaven, feeling satisfied and rewarded for a job well done. Or …..

Happy Birthday to Jack Chick

Yes, it’s the birthday of comic artist and Christian ink-warrior Jack Chick, the mysterious creator of religious comics such as The Wall and Li’l Susy and The Great Escape!.
For your pleasure, here’s a computer animated version of Jack Chick’s 1978 classic, The Sissy.
In The Sissy a couple of unenlightened truckers get the message that Jesus was no wimp. And when Jesus comes back, he’s going to unleash some righteous clobberin’.

Happy Birthday, Jack Chick

We almost missed Jack Chick’s birthday — April 13th. He turned 86. Chick is the man behind Chick Publications, Christian comic tracts that have been around since 1970. The kind of little comic you might find at a bus station or in a laundromat, Chick’s publications are moral lessons meant to educate readers about the power of Jesus, and, more often than not, the terrors that await you if you don’t accept Jesus as your personal savior.