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Fixing the Oscar Host Problem

In which we wade in, clean up the mess, and pick the perfect host for next year.

Jon Stewart Mocks the ‘War on Christmas’

Jon Stewart mocked the alleged War on Christmas pretty darn good in last night’s Daily Show.  This after Fox News attacked a renamed “Holiday Parade” in Tulsa, Oklahoma.Skip ahead to the 4:50 mark for the really funny part: a parody with Rudolph, Charlie Brown, and the whole “holiday” gang.

Jon Stewart, Meet Helpless Brian Williams

“The thing that shocked me the most when I first met reporters was the
people who would step aside and say, ‘Boy, I wish I could say what
you’re saying.’ You have a show! You are a network anchor! Whaddya mean
you can’t say it?”
Jon Stewart, quoted in America is a Joke, New York Magazine’s new article about The Daily Show.