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Lil Wayne Now Free to Tweet

Rapper Lil Wayne was released from jail today, after serving 8 months of a 12 month sentence.

From Lil Wayne’s Twitter account.

Busy Weezy in Prison

Rapper Lil Wayne — a.k.a. “Weezy” — has a way of keeping his name in the papers, even though he’s in jail in New York.

His newest stay-in-the-public-eye scheme is a blog from his prison cell, which so far is a combination of meditations on professional sports and blatant advertisements for his most recent “rock” album, Rebirth.

Lil Wayne Dodges a Bullet

Rapper Lil Wayne was scheduled to be sentenced to prison today, but the Manhattan courthouse where he was scheduled to appear had a fire in the boiler room, so his sentencing has been postponed.