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Russell Crowe Still Not Dead

Before we even heard the rumor Mayor of Gruntland and fabulous actor Russell Crowe had died, we heard the rumor that Russell Crowe had not died.Here we see him flashing the “V for Vitality” sign:

The Wicked, Wicked Ways of Errol Flynn

I particularly detest books that begin something like, “Ah, there was joy and happiness in the quaint Tasmanian home of Professor Flynn when the first bellowings of lusty little Errol were heard…”  So if you are interested, let’s get down to the meat of the matter.So begins My Wicked, Wicked Ways, the jaw-dropping 1959 autobiography by Errol Flynn.  Posthumous autobiography, it turned out:  Flynn died at age 50 on a bedroom floor in Canada before his finished book could be published.

Russell Crowe: Jacko Used to Prank Me

According to this story out of New Zealand, tough-guy actor Russell Crowe says in an interview that the late pop singer Michael Jackson used to call him up and pretend to “be in trouble” as a prank.
Crowe says after he rose to stardom in L.A. Confidential, he met and befriended Jackson and found they had a similar sense of humor. So they would occasionally crank call each other.

Which Is the Best Best Picture Ever?

Newsday is holding a vote. First they’re weeding it down decade by decade — then those winners, plus a few wildcards, go head to head for the title of Best Best Picture of All Time.Here were my votes: