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Coens vs. Clint: Multi-Oscar Showdown!

“Fill your hands with Oscar nominations, you #$@%!!”The Coen Brothers are thrice-nominated for True Grit in the Academy Awards this year: for best picture, director, and adapted screenplay. 

A Hard Work Editing: Scorsese and Kubrick

From the blog of Leandro Copperfield, a wonderful mash-up of scenes and sounds from movies by directors Martin Scorsese and Stanley Kubrick:

The Knave Abides

Here’s an update to our post about Two Gentlemen of Lebowski, that marvelous mash-up of the Coen brothers and William Shakespeare:DMTheatrics is staging what they say is the New York City premiere of Adam Bertocci’s play, which uses Shakespearean-style verse to retell the story of the movie The Big Lebowski (1998, starring Jeff Bridges).

Two Gentlemen of Lebowski

Fans of the Jeff Bridges movie The Big Lebowski should love Adam Bertocci’s terrific blend of William Shakespeare and the Coen brothers:Two Gentlemen of Lebowski.