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Tina Fey Pats a Guy in a Bunny Costume

Tina Fey poses with a man (?) in a giant rabbit costume last week. The occasion was the Bunny Hop, a fundraiser in New York City.

Today’s Movie Trailer is in German

Here, from the German version of Fox Home Entertainment, is a trailer auf Deutsch for Gansgster für eine Nacht, starring Steve Carell and Tina Fey.
You may also know it as Date Night.

Tina Fey’s Old Apartment

One of the many tentacles of has photos of the apartment recently vacated by comedian Tina Fey.

Those photos are here.

It’s a nice place. In fact, I like it better than her new place, where I never get invited either.

Tina Fey, Better-Than-Prime-Time Player

Tina Fey hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend and got better ratings than anything in prime time.Chalk it up as another victory for Sarah Palin if you like: people tune in just to see her parodied.  The video clip’s below — Fey starts slow, but picks up steam.  The ‘Wheel of Fortune’ moment is a good one.

You Will Pay $14.50 to See One of These Six People in the Year 2013

Memorize these names: Lauren Ash, Shelly Gossman, Anthony LeBlanc, Brad Morris, Andy St. Clair and Emily Wilson.In the year 2013 you’ll fork over $14.50 for a ticket to see one of them in a goofy 18-34 demographic comedy. Or you’ll watch two of them launch a catch-phrase on Saturday Night Live.