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The 24 Best Summer Blockbusters Ever

Time Outindiana.jpg runs ’em down

30 movies are actually on the list, but a half-dozen are clearly included just to be argued about.  We’re not biting!

Memo to Time Out: Just because the American Film Institute pulls that “instant controversy” baloney (Tootsie for #2 comedy of all time, anyone?) doesn’t mean the rest of us have to.

That said, it’s hard to argue with Time Out’s top three.  Raiders of the Lost Ark is the very first movie I thought of.  I suppose that will always be *the* summer blockbuster for me in terms of unexpected wonder and delight — seeing it in that old 1400-seat theater at the Westgate (Beaverton, Oregon), and being the right age (20) for maximum impact.

I would bet that this list was compiled by people between ages 40 and 50. 

Also, what the heck with ranking the lousy Bourne Ultimatum but not the excellent  Bourne Identity?  Give me a break.

(Tip of the fedora to Mr. Duffy)


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