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The Amanda Knox Gold Dollar Coin Has Arrived

We’ve been troubled for days by the various shots of Amanda Knox looking over her shoulder in court. Like this:

Photo: WENN

It sure reminded us of something… but what?  What could be so familiar?

Just now we awoke in a fever from a postprandial power nap. What if we flipped the photo, like so?

That’s it!  Thats’ where we’ve seen Amanda Knox looking over her shoulder: on the U.S. gold one-dollar coin!  

U.S. Mint

Here’s another angle, with gold tinting added:


Some smart U.S. Mint employee was 10 years ahead of the game, putting Knox on there in 2000. (She was 13 at the time, making it all the more remarkable.) And now that she’s free, it’s a fitting tribute.

The family has been trying to shed the “Foxy Knoxy” label, we know, but “the Knoxy Bucksy” would seem like a good nickname for this coin. Or, it being gold and all, there’s always “Fort Knox.” 

Congratulations to everyone involved in this numismatic triumph.

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