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The Mark Foley Email Scandal

What to say about disgraced congressman and political bombshell Mark Foley? He’s already become the story of the week and possibly the story of the 2006 U.S. elections, somehow trumping Iraq, the economy, new revelations about 9/11, and everything else.

We went looking for his official Congressional site or his campaign site, but both have been taken off the air. His congressional site now redirects to a helpful page of House of Representatives info, plus a link to the Florida state Division of Elections. His old campaign site is already in the hands of the domain parkers.

The always-helpful still offers a plethora of archived versions of Foley’s campaign site from 2001 forward. Photos are mostly unavailable (although we did find the shot above from 2005), but it is striking just how much of Foley’s messaging included phrases like “fighting to protect children” and trumpeting his position as co-chairman of the Missing and Exploited Children’s Caucus. His 2005 site says he helped Attorney General John Ashcroft “write legislation to ban ‘virtual child pornography’ and introduced legislation to ban ‘child erotica’ websites.” A 2003 photo page included a shot captioned “Mark discusses his work to protect Florida’s children at a Pasco County Republican Breakfast.”

What a story.

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