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The Six (or Seven) Wives of Larry King


TV talk show host Larry King has filed for divorce from his seventh wife, Shawn Southwick.  Irreconcilable differences, claims the NY Daily News.

The National Enquirer says trouble has been brewing since 2007, “when the couple engaged in a ‘slapfest’ outside the famed Beverly Hills eatery Nate ‘n Al after arguing over where to sit.”  Hollywood glamour at its finest!

Various sources claim that Southwick is Larry King’s seventh wife and that this is his eighth divorce, since he was married to Alene Atkins twice in the 1960s.

However,, among others, says that his first marriage ended in annulment.  That makes the full roll call, as closely as we can figure it:

Freda Miller, 1952 (he was 19 — marriage later annulled)
Annette Kaye, c. 1960 (divorced 1961)
Alene Akins (a Playboy bunny!), 1961 (divorced 1963)
Mickey Sutphin, 1964 (divorced c. 1966)
Alene Akins, remarried 1967 (divorced 1971)
Sharon Lepore (some sources call her Sharon Dorl), 1976 (divorced c. 1982)
Julia Alexander, 1989 (divorced 1992)
Shawn Southwick 1997 (filed for divorce, 2010)

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