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The Who2 Biography of J.J. Grandville

Please read our new biography of French caricaturist J.J. Grandville. That’s him just above, a self-portrait from a museum in his hometown of Nancy, France. If nothing else, follow the links from our biography to see some examples of his work beyond what we’re showing here:

These are scans from a book I have had for for many years, a 1974 book by Stanley Applebaum called Bizarreries and Fantasies of Grandville (with the subtitle “266 Illustrations from Un Autre Monde and Les Animaux“).

Grandville’s career was during the 1830s and 1840s of Paris. He did politically-tinged satire for French magazines and he illustrated books, but it’s his weird animal-human combinations and other strange depictions that separate him from the pack.

Like so:

The caption for the above drawing is “The proletarian thistle, fomenter of the revolt, harangues the gerkins.”

And these:

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