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Tiger Woods: A $500 Million Divorce?

The New York Post, without citing its source, says Elin Nordegren may seek as much as $500 million from Tiger Woods if she divorces the golfer.

The newspaper said Nordegren is looking at filing divorce papers in California. Why? The Post says the state’s no-fault divorce laws could make it easier for her to claim a large portion of Woods’ fortune.

So reports The Orlando Sentinel today.

The Post actually goes a little farther than that, saying flat-out that Nordegren will divorce Woods.

The Post is going Full Purple with its prose these days. Here they are on Tiger’s not-that-surprising Las Vegas habits:

When he wasn’t forking over cash to silence his harem of beautiful bimbos, Tiger Woods tossed tens of thousands of dollars on the blackjack table at a Sin City casino, according to one of his mistresses.

In other breaking Woods news, reports claim that Tiger’s dad, Earl Woods, was also unfaithful. So get ready for the Joe Kennedy / John Kennedy, Disney World-vs-Camelot type comparisons. If anyone has the energy to go there, that is.

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